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Stated Income Rental Financing is here! 100% rental offset, personal name or corporation, up to 10 rental properties, 75% LTV, 30 year AM, 1% lender fee, rates 4.75-5.5%. Portfolio DCR must be 1.00 or greater. This is a rental property financing opportunity unlike any other. Contact me for details.
This takes away the investors excuse of not having access to financing...
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Hello everyone, I have quick question before getting into the airplane. I noticed Sooo many investors struggle with marketing.
- raising the capital
- finding buyers
- sellers
- create image of the company

should I consider creating a course , guide , how to ?

I work with Street Smart REI team and they are going through same challenges.

Something to consider or waste of time ?

Hello Tyrell Reimer how is you reno deal going on ?

Maureen Divinagracia added a new event 08/05/2018

Take responsibility for your results with Mark Frentz

Take responsibility for your results with Mark Frentz There are many skills that separate great investors from those who simply dabble with real estate for a bit and then move on. One of the most important is learning to take responsibility for what is in your control and not taking any for what is out of your control. About the Speaker Mark Frentz has a master's degree in psychology and has...

  • Monday, 14 May 2018 10:00
  • Street Smart REI, Calgary Alberta